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YIT to build new Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant



YIT and Stockholm Vatten AB have signed a contract for a new infrastructure work in Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant in Stockholm, Sweden. The work will begin in February 2019 and will be completed in December 2023. The value of the contract is around €60 million. The project is booked in the order backlog of the first quarter in 2019.

The contract covers earth works, concrete work, rock engineering of the plant as well as installation work for underground wastewater systems. YIT will be responsible for the interior of the tunnel that will be the basis of the new wastewater treatment technology in the plant. YIT will also renovate and improve capacity of the entire sludge treatment process. The largest part of the contract includes the construction of a new sludge separation building including auxiliary equipment. The operation of the existing plant will be ongoing throughout the construction period.

“YIT has a solid knowhow and experience in constructing demanding underground treatment plants. We have partnered with Stockholm Vatten since 2016 and contracted three major projects, therefore we are proud of the continued trust being part of this future development project, which is in line with our vision of creating sustainable cities. We will ensure that the customer will have the latest and most modern wastewater treatment technology available today”, says Harri Kailasalo, EVP, Infrastructure projects at YIT.

The Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant is the largest in Sweden and one of the largest in Europe. It serves approximately one million people and treats approx. 2/3 of the municipal wastewater of the Stockholm area. It is also one of the world’s largest plants located inside rock.

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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS drive solutions for sewage plants



NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world’s leading drive technology companies and provides solutions used in sewage plants all over the world.

NORD provides:

  • Extensive knowledge of applications and technical support
  • Complete drive solutions from a single source
  • Strong global presence and service
  • Thousands of installed drives in the sewage industry throughout the World
  • Wide range of products with high quality standards
  • Great reliability, economy and service life
  • Recognised product quality compliant with international standards

NORDBLOC-1 SK 92xxx-1


NORD drive solutions are environmentally friendly and help minimise CO2 emissions.

  • Extremely efficient helical, parallel shaft and bevel gear units reach efficiencies up to 97%
  • NORD motors meet the latest international energy requirements
  • NORD frequency inverters ensure efficient operation, improved process control, and optimised motor performance
  • Easy to service and maintain; NORD drives reduce standstill times and thus contribute to an increased efficiency and availability of the entire system


It is vital to prevent breakdowns in sewage systems. For this reason; reliability is our main focus when developing drive solutions. All of our system components are precisely matched to each other and ensure smooth operation.

  • Autovent ensures a leak free operation
  • Biodegradable oils are available
  • Precisely machined gear wheels
  • The gear units are extraordinarily robust; run very quietly and have a particularly long service life
  • İnverters electronically protect the drive system and can visualise the operating data


  • We offer you various possibilities for reinforcing the output shafts
  • Increased bearing spacing is available as an option to reduce loads on the bearing, so that service life is increased
  • Use of corrosion-resistant shaft material
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SPS meets waste water challenge for Yara Italia



Siltbuster Process Solutions (SPS), in collaboration with Suez, a global leader in the waste water sectors, has developed a modular water treatment solution for fertiliser manufacturer Yara Italia, providing clean water from a highly variable natural source.

Working closely with Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE Water), SPS has successfully provided up to 540m3/hr of clarified waste water for Suez’s Build-Own-Operate plant at Yara Italia’s production facility in Ferrara, Italy.

The site, which is located in the heart of the Po valley, is the market leading producer of ammonia and urea fertilisers for agriculture and industry. Suez was contracted to provide the site with demineralised water for the manufacturing process, abstracting raw water from the river Po.

SPS was called in to relieve the pressure on Yara’s existing clarifier, which was already treating approximately 1000m3/hr, and more importantly, to provide a dedicated, high quality water supply.

Dr Chris Bullen, Technical Manager at SPS, explains the challenges of the early stages of the project, when it became clear that the characteristics of the raw water varied significantly: “The river water turbidity can range from less than 20NTU to over 3000NTU within a short period of time. This, coupled with seasonal changes to the characteristics of particulates in the waste water, added to the challenge of coming up with a robust solution.”

As the project commenced, it became apparent that a pilot trial was required in order to arrive at the correct long-term solution. This was achieved by deploying one of SPS’ mobile lamella clarifier units, complete with integrated coagulation/flocculation tanks. It was essential that the pilot unit remained on site for long enough to capture the variable conditions, and during this period, it was operated by Suez’s dedicated site team led by Fabio Armanna, with the technical support provided by SPS.

The trial concluded that satisfactory water quality (less than 5NTU) could be reliably and consistently achieved, under highly variable conditions, with the use of the lamella clarifiers. The trials also confirmed that incorporating a means of recirculating settled solids from the bottom of the clarifier hopper back into the mixed reaction tank, to combine with the feed water, improved the stability of the process and quality of treated water.

Dr Bullen explains: “The findings of this piloting work enabled us to confirm the design of the full-scale process, which required three process streams, each with a mixed chemical reaction tank carefully coupled with a Siltbuster HB200R Lamella Clarifier. The design also needed to comply with stringent structural design requirements to comply with the Regulatory Authorities’ requirements for the Seismic Area. The strength of the partnership approach meant that Suez’s local project team led by Maurizio Colombo were able to use Siltbuster’s design drawings to liaise with the Italian Authorities regarding these aspects, to secure the necessary approvals.”

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