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WEY new generation Knife Gate Valves by ; Sunsay




Established in Switzerland in 1964, SISTAG has been serving with 110 employees and over 40 distributors worldwide with production range of WEY brand Knife Gate Valve and Penstock (Channel) Valves.



Although SISTAG was founded in 1964, the company’s founders had been in the manufacturing sector since 1908, and it actually shows how old they are in the sector to have produced the first Knife Gate Valve in 1951. The company attributes its ability to manufacture knife gate valve, which is the main production line, in today’s latest technology to invest in R&D.

The company manufactures “Zero Leakage” valves classified as “Rate A” which are used in many sectors and industries such as mine, refining, food, chemical and petrochemical, biomass, paper, waste treatment, iron and steel, glass etc., especially in tough processes and applications, from PN10 pressure class to PN100, from DN50 diameter to DN2000, in Switzerland for European norm and in USA for ANSI (American) norm. Another of the most significant features of the firm is that it can produce at special dimensions other than standard ones.


Standard Options:

Washing bays Body protection ring for particulate

Gas proof covers liquids

Preformed packing Special (hard surfaced) coating

Larger pneumatic cylinders PTFE coated body

Nitrided, hardened, PTFE Polished body

coated Knife Lockable / Padlock can be installed

Body Seal Protective covers

Sledge system facilitating Double transverse seal

movement of the knife Special design knife for powdery liquids

Different body & knife materials V-shaped seal for flow regulation

Ni-hard wear ring Position indicator


The superior designed features of the valve compared to the other valves:

Additional sealing without disassembly when the valve is in line and under pressure

Body design with self-cleaning feature

Guided knife at full stroke (easy moving knife in the channel)

No jamming under no circumstance (zero leakage in all conditions)

Double-sided, impermeable, durable seal





Businesses such as Drinking and Tap Water Facilities, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Waste Sludge Processes, etc.



Entry and exit control of stock tanks of paper pulp, viscous fluids containing particulate such as waste / raw paper-water mixture processes.



Sugar processes in which beet and sugar cane is used as raw material, Production processes of liquid sugar …



Viscous, sticky, granular, dusty fluid Processes, Process Applications such as Textile Wastewater, Chemical Industry Wastewater etc.



Fruit Pulp, Puree, Waste Raw Material Sludge Applications



Rolling Mill Applications, Coal and Powder Coal Transfer, Mining Operation Applications, Lime and Cement Process Applications.



Body / seal                         

protection ring for

particulate liquids.

(Deflector Cone)

Unique sealing designs in WEY are designed specifically for your process and operate with high performance.  

Manufactured with high quality standards, the WEY knife valve has proven itself over time with unique design.

It guarantees a longer usage time against the leaks arising from various reasons in comparison with its rivals.


1) Fulfilling the sealing function, the seal performs tightly with the lateral face of the knife smoothened by being processed. The fact that the lateral face of the knife is processed means more durable seal. Mechanically asserted to the body, the seal is also protected against disassembly problem.

2) Guide bearings of the knife prevent the knife from vibrating during on-off operation, thus ensuring noiseless operation.  In addition, this design guarantees double-sided sealing in all pressure grades and all seal types.



3) During the valve closing process, it cleans itself by glancing off accumulated residual materials due to the sharpened knifepoint.

4) During closure, it pushes the accumulated residues downward by means of the special blade geometry and puts out them through the extended discharge corners, thus preventing jamming and sticking.




5) The traditional seal box is removed with its unique Transverse Seal structure. Seal types selected specially for the process guarantees impermeability in certain conditions. Seal types are arranged to provide superior performance against leakage and abrasion under normal conditions.

6) The distance between the transverse seal and the port has been minimized. This prevents particles from accumulating between the body and the knife, thus preventing the blade from being jammed/stuck. This means the selection of the actuator with lower capacity and lower torque requirements.


7) It is possible to eliminate the leakage problem caused by the worn seals depending on the usage frequency without stopping the production (when the line is under                                                       pressure) by using unique packing screws. Thus, production losses during the time spent in demounting operations are prevented.




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Sampling Ball Valve…a special design for special demands!



Sampling valves are commonly used in various industries, everywhere from chemical plants to food industries. It is a type of valve that allows taking a sample of a  fluids (either liquid or solids) so it can be tested for its quality. Main purpose for such valves is quality control. This also applies for the sugar industry: Sampling valves are being used at the vacuum pans in sugar factories/refineries where the quality of the sugar juice is being tested for its pureness. 

When the sugar is obtained from the thick juice (sugar content 65–80%) by repeated crystallization at elevated temperature and negative pressure, the intermediate product is called “magma”, which is a mixture of thick juice and granulated sugar.

During the crystallization, a crystal suspension is created in the “vacuum pans”. The boilers are heated with vapors from the evaporation station and are under vacuum to ensure energy-saving evaporation of the water at low temperatures. This means the clarified juice must be evaporated for the sugar to crystalize. The vacuum pans are big vessels where the syrup is boiled under vacuum, and since they are under vacuum, it is very important to install a sampling valve that can fulfill this vacuum-resistance. Airpower Europe has come up with the idea of this sampling ball valve upon request from various sugar factories, where the sampling process was rather problematic due to the difficulty of taking clean samples. 

For this purpose Airpower Europe GmbH has designed a special sampling ball valve  that is being used and appreciated by many sugar factory workers worldwide.  Today this sampling valve is being used in sugar factories in Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Turkey, Pakistan, Poland etc. It consists of a 3 piece stainless steel ball valve, with a closed ball on one side. Nominal diameter is DN50 with a pressure range of PN40. Temperature range is from -10°C to +200°C.  The operation of the valve is being handled through a hand lever. For further information please contact Mr. Murat Erol at or feel free to visit our website

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Plumbing Automotive Equipments

Proportional valves with linear motors in the medical industry



The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announced the release of their new Parker LM-Pro linear motor proportional valve targeted at the respiratory and anaesthesia markets.

“The Parker LM-Pro miniature proportional valve utilizes a patent pending linear motor actuation technology to enable flow up to 540 slpm in a very compact and energy efficient package, while providing an unparalleled, controllable range to allow for use across multiple respiratory applications,” says Beth Young, division marketing manager at Parker Precision Fluidics.

A critical feature of the LM-Pro valve is the valve’s linear motor actuation technology that provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation designs. With a linear controllable flow range from 0.5 to 540 slpm, pressure capability up to 100 psi (6.9 bar), and typical power consumption of less than 2 Watts, the LM-Pro valve enables very precise flow control throughout the full performance range of the valve. The LM-Pro valve allows for simple, closed loop feedback, giving the customer precise pressure or flow control. This ensures accurate and safe delivery of precise gases to patients, from neonates to adults. Typical applications will have power usage of less than 2 Watts, giving the customer longer battery life or ability to use a smaller battery to save size and weight. Typical hysteresis of <10% (full scale), coupled with a fast response time of <20 msec (full cycle), give the customer the ultimate in low and high flow rate and precision control proportional valve performance.

The Parker LM-Pro is a true, one-size-fits-all, proportional valve. Its unrivalled performance capability combined with the simplicity of a face mounted/ported design make the LM-Pro valve an ideal solution for varied applications with dynamic flow control needs. “It is ideal for customers who are trying to increase performance while continuing to decrease the footprint of their products,” says Paul Nierman, division engineering manager at Parker Precision Fluidics.

As systems become smaller and more portable, power concerns and accurate flow control at both the high and low ends of the spectrum are vital. The Parker LM-Pro linear motor proportional valve is a great example of the portfolio of products at the Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin that lead the market in miniature, low power, light weight, high performance fluidic products.

Visit the link to find more information of the Parker LM-Pro linear motor proportional valve:

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Airpower Series 35 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves



The Series 35 Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves also known as High Performance Butterfly valves from Airpower Europe GmbH are generally used in the sugar industry where you require valves resistant to higher temperatures or also in the cogeneration facilities, pulp and paper, chemical etc.

They are characterized by their long-service time, low maintenance and reduced friction between seal and the gasket. The airpower Europe GmbH Series 35 valves are available from DN50 (2”) up to DN1000 (40”). The body is made of Ductile Iron GGG40 (EN-JS-1030) (EN-GJS-400-15) but can also be offered as Stainless steel 1.4408 version (CF8M) or carbon steel A216 WCB.
The disc is offered as a standard in the stainless steel CF8M version. Alternatively, it can be offered as well with 304 stainless steel or Ductile Iron 1.0619 discs. The media temperature for the body coatings is -30°C up to +200°C for RPTFE. 

The body length is in accordance with API609 and the mounting flange standard is ISO5211. For all nominal sizes the bearing is maintenance-free. The bearing is for exact centering of the disc. The valve disc itself is double eccentric mounted. 

All sealing surfaces are machined. Major advantages here are the low torque value and the low wear.  The bolt itself is secured by a locking plate. An additional sealing ring ensures that the inner area of the bolt is protected against dirt and liquids.

 The seat ring inserted with a positive fit ensures absolute tightness and compensates for wear. Replacement is possible without disassembly of shaft and disc. The removable retainer ring protects against abrasion and erosion whereas the continuous shaft ensures high stability. The Series 35 double eccentric butterfly valves can be combined with twintorque series pneumatic rotary actuators from airpower Europe GmbH, either single or double acting type. 

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