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New ENEMAC products

The drive specialist ENEMAC now offers two further coupling lines: The friction clutches ESC and ECSK.
Both clutches are available for up to 23,000 Nm disengagement torque.

ECS series, for indirect drives, can be supplied with or without chain wheel and be used for speeds up to 10,000 UPM.Type ECSK, for direct drives, consisting of ECS friction clutch, and a chain coupling attachment and can be used at speeds up to 5,000 UPM.

A hub with keyway allows bore diameters up to 140 mm.




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Dustcontrol wins sustainability award at Speedy Expo 2019



Dustcontrol UK’s commitment to practice environmental and social sustainability has seen the company win the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award at the Speedy Expo 2019.

The company, which has over 45 years of experience in developing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements in a wide range of industries, was recognised for its core focus on creating a healthier working environment for businesses.

Dustcontrol’s environmental policy complies with current environmental legislation, rules, requirements, and standards and works to ensure continuous improvement across sustainability, financial stability, efficient and effective solutions, physical wellbeing and a safe working environment.

The company also strives for continued investment in adapting the business in relation to the environment and health internally, while pushing for a reduced environmental footprint in the production of its services and products externally.

Inspired by the United Nation’s 17 goals for sustainable global development and as a leader in producing technology for healthy business, Dustcontrol’s products have been designed with repairability, recyclability and energy efficiency in mind, with many of its high-quality models featuring energy-saving motors with auto-start functionality to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, when choosing materials and components, the company looks at local suppliers in order to reduce shipping costs and, more importantly, its environmental footprint.

James Miller, Managing Director of Dustcontrol UK, said: “We’re delighted to be recognised for our global sustainable efforts by Speedy Services. We supply total solutions not only in manufacturing but within the engineering, food processing, construction and demolition industries. Our dust extractors and source extraction systems make the working environment cleaner and safer. Ultimately, health is improved and production is more efficient, which we call ‘healthy business’.

“The wealth of knowledge gained in these industries also means we are adept at knowing the very latest requirements, regulations and working conditions for different types of workplaces nationwide.

“We’re not satisfied with just selling products. We aspire to manufacture and customise high-quality portable dust extractors and industrial extraction systems with very high levels of filtration, in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible.”

For further information on Dustcontrol UK’s products, please call 01327 858001, or email

Alternatively, for further information on Dustcontrol UK, visit

For viewing the commitment to practice environmental and social sustainability, continue following Dustcontrol UK

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ABB awarded unique aquaculture project



Arctic Offshore Farming is developing a new concept for salmon farming using remote controlled and submersible fish pens based on offshore technology. ABB will have a comprehensive system responsibility for electrical, automation, instrumentation and telecom solutions.

Arctic Offshore Farming is a Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) project. NRS has received 7.68 development permits that allow the company a total of up to 5990 tons of salmon at the fish farm location.

Harsh environment

The offshore farm consists of two large fish cages that are placed in the Norwegian Sea outside Troms, in an area where weather and wave conditions are far more demanding than inside the fjords, where traditional farms are located.

Placing the farm offshore reduces its environmental footprint, while providing an opportunity to study if this can provide a healthier environment for the fish. But the harsh climate also means stricter safety requirements are required. ABB will be responsible for designing the monitoring and control systems that will make it possible to operate the plant safely. This means, among other things, that there are back-up solutions, or redundancy, in critical systems such as energy supply and communication.

The solution is a part of ABB Ability™, the company’s unified, cross-industry digital offering — extending from device to edge to cloud — with devices, systems, solutions, services and a platform that enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together.

High demands for stability

Pontoons over and under the fish pens will keep the pens in place in two different positions. In the service position, the facility is lifted to allow access to the equipment. In the normal operating position, the roof of the cages will lie 10 meters below the sea surface. This will result in reduced lice impact, while at the same time lowering the risk of escape.

In ballasting and de-ballasting (raising and lowering), the fish pens will be partially submerged.

Among the most critical systems are the pontoon ballast water systems, designed to ensure that the pens are stable. ABB will deliver the control system with sensors, monitoring, automation and interfaces for the remote control of the pumps. The harsh climate in the Norwegian Sea presents challenges with fouling and icing, which will cause time-varying weight changes challenging the constructions ballast system supplied by ABB.

Extensive data collection

The system also collects environmental data including as meteorological conditions, ocean currents, oxygen level and sea temperature. It also monitors the pH at different depths and the amount of biomass in the cages, amongst others.

“One purpose of awarding a development license is to find solutions to some of the challenges the industry has today so that it can continue to grow in a sustainable way. The pens will be unmanned and operate in submerged operation. The fish pens are remotely controlled from a feed barge that lies about 400 meters from the pens. Technically, the fish farm can just as easily be managed from a control room on land,” says Lars Wasa Andersen, Sales Specialist (Aquaculture) at ABB.

ABB is working to be the most valuable partner within electrical, instrument, automation and telecom systems for aquaculture customers to help improve efficiency, environmental impact and productivity across the value chain, including enabling new solutions for fish farming offshore and onshore. Fish welfare, traceability and food safety are key focus areas of ABB’s support.

 “The contract fits perfect with ABB’s vision regarding aquaculture. With this project, ABB is entering as a supplier to the future offshore fish farms, which places new demands on both safe operation and technical solutions. ABB has total responsibility for technical solution within several disciplines”, says Steffen Waal, country manager of ABB Norway.

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Turnkey Structured Light 3D Measurement Cell from Hexagon



PartInspect L is the First Automated Measurement System Based on AICON Scanner Technology.

Today sees the worldwide launch of PartInspect L; the first automated 3D measurement cell product based on AICON scanner technology from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. Featuring a choice of structured-light scanning technology paired with a flexible robot arm and housed within a modular cell format; PartInspect L uses advanced automation expertise to meet increased demand for high-speed; high-quality part measurement and analysis.

The system features interactive automated scan planning; as well as robot path generation and collision avoidance systems based on CAD data that deliver a truly automated 3D measurement experience; from planning and scanning through to analysis and reporting.

“This new measurement cell format for our AICON scanner technology makes their high-speed measurement capabilities more efficient and easier to deploy;” says Dr Dirk Rieke-Zapp; Commercial Product Manager for AICON Scanners and Automation at Hexagon. “With PartInspect L; high-speed quality control can be moved into the production space without the need for advanced training for all shop-floor users; offering significant productivity enhancement.”

Preassembled and configured in the factory; PartInspect L delivers ‘plug-and-play’ functionality that allows for set-up within less than two working days and requires no engineering work onsite. The cell will deliver full and fast 3D inspection results for parts measuring up 1.5 metres in diameter/height and weighing up to 2000 kilograms. PartInspect L can be used either offline; near-line or at-line to deliver full or statistical quality control as required.

The system is available in two configurations – Efficient or HiEnd – making use of the several options within the AICON Scanner range. The Efficient configuration features the entry-level AICON PrimeScan; while the HiEnd configuration features the top-of-the-range AICON StereoScan neo. Both configurations can be augmented with the DPA Online photogrammetry add-on for increased measurement accuracy and control.

PartInspect L is now available to order from local Hexagon representatives around the world; with the first units shipping in May 2019.

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