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Dubai sewage treatment plant relies on AUMA actuators



200 AUMA electric valve actuators are now operating in Phase 2 of the Jebel Ali sewage treatment plant (STP) in Dubai. This increases the number of AUMA actuators on site to more than 400, including the 200 actuators at Jebel Ali STP phase 1 site that have been in operation since 2008. An additional 50 AUMA gearboxes have been installed for manual valve operation.

For Dubai Municipality, Jebel Ali STP Phase 2 is an important infrastructure project, helping to accommodate continued population growth as well as new developments including Expo 2020 Dubai. Phase 2 adds 375,000 m3/day of treatment capacity to the 350,000 m3/day already provided by Phase 1, while improving existing processes and treatment quality. The treated water is used for non-potable applications such as irrigation, helping Dubai Municipality reduce the need for desalinated seawater.

The AUMA actuators are installed across the entire new plant, located on a 670 hectare desert site. They automate a wide variety of gate valves, butterfly valves and penstocks at all stages of the treatment process. AUMA’s scope of supply includes 200 SA multi-turn actuators with AC actuator controls, some also combined with AUMA gearboxes. The most powerful gearboxes in the plant include six GS 400 part-turn gearboxes that control flow in a DN1800 pipeline, delivering a maximum torque of 125,000 Nm. All actuators are centrally controlled using the Profibus DP communication standard.

Some of the new actuators have been installed to automate valves in the phase 1 plant that were previously manually operated. Here, AUMA’s previous experience with similar retrofits proved to be particularly beneficial. AUMA’s local Dubai team provided comprehensive support to consultancy AECOM and contractor BESIX / Larsen & Toubro, from site survey, technical consulting and machining of tailor-made couplings to support for commissioning and training.

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AUMA Service offers Live Video Support



AUMA Service has reacted to the coronavirus crisis by adding Live Video Support to its service portfolio.

“AUMA actuators are often installed in critical infrastructure,” says Thomas Knecht, Director Global Service at AUMA. “So it is very important that, even in times of crisis, AUMA Service can continue to help our customers quickly and directly to ensure failure-free operation of their plants.”

“We have occasionally used video assistance in the past, and it has proved to be very successful. Many questions or problems can be solved remotely via video, without a service technician having to go on site. To protect both our customers’ and our staff’s health and to help impede further spread of the virus we are now offering this service worldwide.”

If customers have questions about the AUMA actuators in their plant, an experienced AUMA service expert can use a videoconferencing service to connect with them on their smartphone or tablet. Via video, the service expert can then get a good idea of the situation, assist the customer with troubleshooting, and take any necessary action such as ordering spare parts.

This service is available worldwide, through our comprehensive global AUMA service network.

How to request Live Video Support

You can request this new service simply by contacting your local service office or sending an email to

For fast processing of your request, please include your contact details, the actuator serial number and a short fault description.

You can also request Live Video Support via the AUMA Cloud. In this case you can attach important device data directly to the service request, allowing our service experts to get to work even faster. The video will provide you with detailed instructions.

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Rotork works with New York City Fire Department to keep the city safe



The fireboats used by the Marine Division of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) use Rotork ’s IQ range of part-turn intelligent electric actuators to keep the city safe.

The IQ part-turn actuators provided are used on two fireboats, ‘Firefighter 2’ and ‘Firefighter 343’. The actuators have the important duty of controlling the flow of water to the fire nozzles on deck, meaning that they are vital in the event of an emergency.

New York City is one of the busiest ports in the world and has 560 miles of waterfront. The FDNY has long employed the use of fireboats in order to combat fire-related incidents both on land and on the water. These 2 ships are the largest ones in their fleet.

Water is extracted from the river upon which the fireboats operate and the actuators then control the flow from the river to the fire nozzle. This ensures that the fireboats have access to an endless supply of water in the event of an emergency. It is critical that the flow of water to the fire nozzles is maintained at all times. Additionally, the fire nozzles are sometimes used to spray water at festival displays such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Fleet Week.

The IQ actuators were installed as a retrofit, after the existing electric actuators installed previously failed due to water ingress. The Rotork actuators were chosen for their longevity and reliability. With water ingress protection, they are double sealed to IP66/68 (20 m for 10 days).

The IQT actuators are capable of up to 1,200 starts per hour, making them ideal for a fire-fighting application where duty cycles can be very demanding in emergencies.

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Why use pneumatic actuators? 



Actuators come in many shapes. There is a wide portfolio of actuators in the market, each with different use for different applications. From electrical to pneumatic to hydraulic..The most common type available in the process industry would be the pneumatic type, since these are highly reliable, efficient and also safe. Pneumatic type uses pressurized air for the motion control to convert energy into rotary or linear motion.  Pneumatic actuators are especially used to control the valves where fluids are moved in process industries. 

There are two primary forms of pneumatic rotary actuators , single acting and double acting. They both work to push forward a piston. 

Single-acting types have one port that allows air to flow into the cylinder. The pressure increases and pushes the piston forward or backward. Springs return the piston to its original position, making it ready for another pressure move. 

Double acting type operate without a spring and have two ports. The first application of pressure pushes the piston forward. This is the same in both types. But the second pressure attack pushes the piston back into place. The customer however, should choose, which type he actually needs for the application: with the double type, when there is air loss no safety position required.
For the single acting (spring return) type there is the safety position when there is air loss. 

Airpower actuators have the benefit to use the same body for both types. For the double and single acting type they have same body, which is a major advantage costwise since you need to keep stock just for one type. These can be converted into single-acting by merely inserting pre-stressed springs.
Along with the standard pivoting angle of 90° also available with 180° angle. And the pivoting angle is adjustable from 180° to 120°. 

Another important aspect is the corrosion protection. In order to provide for corrosion protection a quality actuator should be hard anodized in body and caps. In addition, it should be powder coated. This is important for especially critical environments. For the single-acting type the springs should also be plastic coated in order to provide good corrosion protection.
(At airpower we cover a wide portfolio of pneumatic actuators. Pic: 3-position actuator)

(The double acting type APD-400 offering a torque vale up to 13022 Nm) 

The APD-32 is the smallest in the airpower portfolio

(The stainless steel actuator from airpower AES 316. )

For further information please refer to or you can contact our export manager Murat Erol 

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