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WEY new generation Knife Gate Valves by ; Sunsay




Established in Switzerland in 1964, SISTAG has been serving with 110 employees and over 40 distributors worldwide with production range of WEY brand Knife Gate Valve and Penstock (Channel) Valves.



Although SISTAG was founded in 1964, the company’s founders had been in the manufacturing sector since 1908, and it actually shows how old they are in the sector to have produced the first Knife Gate Valve in 1951. The company attributes its ability to manufacture knife gate valve, which is the main production line, in today’s latest technology to invest in R&D.

The company manufactures “Zero Leakage” valves classified as “Rate A” which are used in many sectors and industries such as mine, refining, food, chemical and petrochemical, biomass, paper, waste treatment, iron and steel, glass etc., especially in tough processes and applications, from PN10 pressure class to PN100, from DN50 diameter to DN2000, in Switzerland for European norm and in USA for ANSI (American) norm. Another of the most significant features of the firm is that it can produce at special dimensions other than standard ones.


Standard Options:

Washing bays Body protection ring for particulate

Gas proof covers liquids

Preformed packing Special (hard surfaced) coating

Larger pneumatic cylinders PTFE coated body

Nitrided, hardened, PTFE Polished body

coated Knife Lockable / Padlock can be installed

Body Seal Protective covers

Sledge system facilitating Double transverse seal

movement of the knife Special design knife for powdery liquids

Different body & knife materials V-shaped seal for flow regulation

Ni-hard wear ring Position indicator


The superior designed features of the valve compared to the other valves:

Additional sealing without disassembly when the valve is in line and under pressure

Body design with self-cleaning feature

Guided knife at full stroke (easy moving knife in the channel)

No jamming under no circumstance (zero leakage in all conditions)

Double-sided, impermeable, durable seal





Businesses such as Drinking and Tap Water Facilities, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Waste Sludge Processes, etc.



Entry and exit control of stock tanks of paper pulp, viscous fluids containing particulate such as waste / raw paper-water mixture processes.



Sugar processes in which beet and sugar cane is used as raw material, Production processes of liquid sugar …



Viscous, sticky, granular, dusty fluid Processes, Process Applications such as Textile Wastewater, Chemical Industry Wastewater etc.



Fruit Pulp, Puree, Waste Raw Material Sludge Applications



Rolling Mill Applications, Coal and Powder Coal Transfer, Mining Operation Applications, Lime and Cement Process Applications.



Body / seal                         

protection ring for

particulate liquids.

(Deflector Cone)

Unique sealing designs in WEY are designed specifically for your process and operate with high performance.  

Manufactured with high quality standards, the WEY knife valve has proven itself over time with unique design.

It guarantees a longer usage time against the leaks arising from various reasons in comparison with its rivals.


1) Fulfilling the sealing function, the seal performs tightly with the lateral face of the knife smoothened by being processed. The fact that the lateral face of the knife is processed means more durable seal. Mechanically asserted to the body, the seal is also protected against disassembly problem.

2) Guide bearings of the knife prevent the knife from vibrating during on-off operation, thus ensuring noiseless operation.  In addition, this design guarantees double-sided sealing in all pressure grades and all seal types.



3) During the valve closing process, it cleans itself by glancing off accumulated residual materials due to the sharpened knifepoint.

4) During closure, it pushes the accumulated residues downward by means of the special blade geometry and puts out them through the extended discharge corners, thus preventing jamming and sticking.




5) The traditional seal box is removed with its unique Transverse Seal structure. Seal types selected specially for the process guarantees impermeability in certain conditions. Seal types are arranged to provide superior performance against leakage and abrasion under normal conditions.

6) The distance between the transverse seal and the port has been minimized. This prevents particles from accumulating between the body and the knife, thus preventing the blade from being jammed/stuck. This means the selection of the actuator with lower capacity and lower torque requirements.


7) It is possible to eliminate the leakage problem caused by the worn seals depending on the usage frequency without stopping the production (when the line is under                                                       pressure) by using unique packing screws. Thus, production losses during the time spent in demounting operations are prevented.




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Bürkert UK stock-holding for standard everyday process products



Aiming to minimise the complexity of process control projects in a number of industries; from water to food & beverage and pharma, Bürkert UK has massively increased its product range and its UK stock-holding for standard everyday process products.

Bürkert now holds a wide variety of the more common valve designs including ball valves, butterfly valves and quarter-turn valves in standard sizes on the shelf. This increase in the product line represents a considerable investment in stock-holding, with over £1 million worth of stock now held in the UK, to compliment industry recognised angle seat, globe and control valve packages.

Neil Saunders Bürkert UK General Manager explains the move, “Quite simply we are adding convenience for our customers by offering more of what our systems customers and distribution partners want on a same day / next day availability basis.

“Bürkert offers over 100,000 catalogue items from commodity solenoid valves to high-precision food and pharmaceutical grade products, however while lots of the clever, problem solving items we are famous for are made to order, there are also standard valves required for almost any project. They don’t have exotic specifications and tend to be sourced when they are needed. If customers can have a Bürkert model, available straight away, then the quality and the brand reputation that goes with that is an added bonus for them.”

Cost effective solutions

Cost pressures are everywhere, so conformity of fit and compatibility can make a big difference in ensuring a process automation project is commercially successful. Hence, all our new products complement the existing range of more specialist valves and are designed to work in harmony with Bürkert’s numerous pneumatic and electric actuators and control heads. Every product is quality audited and built to the highest standards with full traceability of materials and certifications provided on request.

This improved product offering enables Bürkert to deliver a more comprehensive solution, especially for larger scale projects where consolidation of supply is a significant factor. Now, Bürkert can provide a cost-effective package that is supported by expert design and specialist application knowledge, as well as on-demand supply of more general-purpose process valves for water, steam and air.

This reduces costs for project teams and greatly simplifies the purchasing process by involving much fewer vendors and cutting the number of purchase orders that need to be raised. Other savings can also be made thanks to Bürkert’s knowledge and expertise being applied to a much greater part of the installation

Real-world savings example

The principle is neatly illustrated by a recent project for a biotech company that previously had only used Bürkert to supply its specialist products. The original quote was for several ball valves with actuators, integral pilot valves and feedback switches for use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive atmospheres), all from stock.

Having submitted the quote, the electrical department from the same customer subsequently contacted Bürkert looking for a number of ATEX pneumatic control panels. Further discussions about where the panels would be used revealed that they were for the same project as the ball valves.

Due to the nature of the working environment, the electricians did not want to run two armoured cables to the valve, one for the pilot valve on the side of the actuator and another for the switch box. The aim was to use the additional control panels to reduce the amount of cabling going to the valves.

The Bürkert engineers then explained that the ball valves that had been already quoted for the project included an integral switch box with the pilot valve inside it, so only one multi-core cable would be required. As a result, the additional control panels would not be required, saving the customer approximately £80,000.

One-stop shop

By increasing the range of products available, Bürkert UK is better placed as a project partner, offering high quality products, vast design expertise and customised logistics for improved project efficiency.

With larger scale projects involving hundreds of valves, potentially from numerous suppliers, maintaining an effective logistics process can be difficult. As an integral supply partner to a project, Bürkert can implement a customised logistics process that packages together all the components for a specific area of the installation. Deliveries are timed with the build process and  tagged to ensure they are delivered to exactly the right location, saving time and money on the installation.

As a one-stop shop for process control components, Bürkert aims to help customers with the design, procurement and installation of new and replacement equipment, as well as support its distribution partners with better access to a wider range of product.  Now, with a massive UK stock-holding, it can provide immediate delivery on a wide range of common products as well as sourcing more complex, application specific components within a short timeframe.

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Rotork is CMA range expands for improved control valve automation



Rotork has extended its CMA range of compact modulating actuators with new sizes specifically designed for reliable automation of larger linear control valves.

The new actuator is capable of a maximum 4,500 lbf (20 kN) seating thrust. The new sizes increase the CMA range modulating thrust performance to 3,000 lbf (13 kN) with a 114.3 mm (4.5”) stroke length for the automation of larger valves with higher pressure ratings. The combined performance of the CMA and the larger CVA ranges enables Rotork is innovative electrical control valve actuation technologies to be applied to process control applications of virtually any size and description.

CMAs are robust enough to handle extreme temperature swings, corrosive environments and are also available for explosionproof areas. The CML-1500 and CML-3000 models, including those with hazardous area approvals, are watertight to IP68 for temporary submersion (7 metres, 72 hours). The optional Reserve Power Pack (RPP) uses supercapacitors to provide the actuator with enough stored energy to perform predetermined action on mains power failure, such as moving to the fully closed position, fully open position or anywhere in between. Manual operation is available as standard.

The cost-effective electric solution is suitable for a wide variety of applications found in sectors such as power generation, chemicals, petrochemicals and the majority of other process industries. The new sizes are ideal for linear valve control with modulating duty, generally in remote locations, such as oil pipelines and remote gas extraction stations where power supplies are limited. Single-phase or DC electrical power is all that is required for control valve actuation, saving the installation and on-going costs associated with instrument air supplies. Simple cabling replaces cumbersome lines and hoses, eliminating freezing and leaking problems.

The CMA is a low power consumption solution (less than 1 Watt at standby) for automation in established or remote installations such as oil installations and offshore facilities where there are pneumatic limitations. The design allows for solar powered and battery back-up supplies in remote locations where electric energy consumption is a concern and power is often provided through solar collection for the operation of remote automated critical systems such as wellheads. The new sizes retain all the features and benefits of the established CMA range of compact modulating actuators, providing continuous modulation with 0.1% accuracy for the most demanding process control applications.

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New Alfa Laval Mixproof 3-body valve designed for hygienic processes




Looking for optimal process flow, outstanding hygiene, maximum uptime and low total cost of ownership?

The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof 3-body valve with its modular, three-valve-body design provides reliable fluid handling and safety, making it perfect to use as a changeover valve for hygienic industries such as food, dairy, beverage and home-personal care. This translates into substantial savings and efficiency gains.

Cost-effective mixproof valve

Get exceptional results and save money by replacing two or more valves of other types with a single Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof 3-body valve. Two independent plugs and the fully balanced design enable two different fluids to pass through the same valve without risk of cross-contamination even in the event of pressure shock.

Exceptional spillage-free operation

Ensuring safe and hygienic operation, the double-seat design avoids cross-contamination while the double lip seals provide added protection for you to enjoy long-lasting, spillage-free operation.

Easy maintenance & optimal cleanability

Maintenance and cleaning are quick and easy due to a top-loaded design, no adjustable components, maintenance-friendly actuator and built-in leakage detection on all seals.

The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof 3-body valve is always equipped with seat lift and seat push function hence meets stringent hygienic standards.

Easy to configure and upgrade

Optimize your hygienic process by customizing the Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof 3-body to suit your needs. Its modular design also makes it easy to apply the double seat valve whenever your process needs change while ensuring efficient, hygienic and continuous production.

You get the full benefit of using Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof valves by combining them with Alfa Laval ThinkTop and ThinkTop Basic valve sensing and control units.

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