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Be Safe. Be Clean. With SANDPIPER’S Innovative Signature Series Pumps





The SANDPIPER Signature Series of AODD pumps are engineered to provide industry leading durability and performance—even in the most severe applications and environments.


Not all pumps are created equally. The SANDPIPER Signature Series, offered by Warren Rupp, Inc., is in keeping with the company’s commitment of the past 50 years to build “new and different” pumps. These innovative, air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps come in a variety of sizes, types, and models to meet a wide array of industrial applications. The series includes:

  • Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps 
  • Heavy Duty Ball Valve Pumps
  • Containment Duty Ball Valve Pumps

This article focuses specifically on the Containment Duty type pumps, which enable safe movement of harsh materials for heavy industrial applications that involve chemical, abrasive, slurry, solid-laden, caustic, acidic, toxic, and combustible product.

Fluid containment

We live in a time of growing environmental and safety concerns, strict regulatory controls, as well as cost consciousness. Industrial pumps, in particular, represent potential hazards with respect to dangerous leaks that can cause harm and unnecessary expense. Whether pumping toxic or non-toxic fluids, the goal is to prevent any escape into the environment. Not only does such an incident require significant clean-up time and effort, it also incurs costs of downtime, lost production, manpower, equipment replacement, disposal fees, and often excessive fines.


The rugged construction of Warren Rupp’s Containment Duty Ball Valve Pumps provides superior fluid flow with specially designed containment features to protect people, the environment, and the pump, itself. Based on the premise that two diaphragms are better than one, this pump is built with an intentional space between its dual diaphragms (a pumping diaphragm and a driver diaphragm), creating a barrier between the Air Side and Wet Side of the pump. Thus, fluid is prevented from escaping to the environment should the pumping diaphragm become breached. It also provides visual leak detection alerts to inform users when there is a diaphragm breach before any of the system fluid can escape (also available with electronic and mechanical leak detectors).


The biggest benefit of the Containment Duty pump over traditional AODD pumps is the ease of repair, since the Air Side of the pump does not get contaminated. And the design allows quick and easy access to the main air valve components—without removing it from service. The result is minimal maintenance cost and downtime.


Additional pumping options

The other types of SANDPIPER Signature Series pumps also provide powerful AODD capabilities that outperform the competition, as follows:

  • Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pump —  designed to handle fluids containing large, up-to-line size solids (for example: rocks, twigs, leaves; nuts, bolts screws; and rags)
  • Heavy Duty Ball Valve Pump — designed to handle fluids containing settling, suspended or floating solids, and abrasives (for example: sand, slurries, pea gravel, etc.)


To learn more…

Signature Series pump specifications, performance data, and brochures can be viewed at


All SANDPIPER products are sold worldwide through a network of independent, factory-authorized distributors. For information on the full product portfolio, contact a local representative via



Journal article: SANDPIPER Signature Series/Containment Duty Pump
Draft 2, August 21, 2017
Deborah Long


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Polymer vanes last 3 times as long in vacuum rotary pump



Vanes made of the bearing polymer Hitemp 150 have lasted three times as long as traditional vanes in servicing company Septic Tanks (Pty) Ltd’s vacuum rotary pump, a Broom B35.

The pump is used to create a pressure difference that sucks up the waste liquids from septic tanks.

The pumps involved in such operations should not come into contact with sewage ideally.

However, where septic tank pumping is not monitored continuously, overflow from the transport truck can make its way to the pressure vessel and on to the vacuum rotary pump.

The vanes in these pumps thus need to be cleaned.

In addition, the vanes need to be able to operate at high temperatures, since the pumps can overheat due to operation for long periods.

Armed with information about vane operating requirements, when the original laminate vanes in Septic Tanks (Pty) Ltd’s Broom B35 pump needed replacing as frequently as every 6 months, the waste-sector servicing company turned to Vesconite Bearings, the maker of various polymers, for a solution to this unique operating environment.

Vesconite Bearings technical sales consultant Phillip de Villiers recommended Hitemp 150, an engineered polymer that is wear resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 150ºC.

This material will not delaminate as does the original-equipment-manufacturer supplied material, a thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin that impregnates layers of cotton to produce a hard synthetic plastic, he reasoned.

The trial result has been impressive: Hitemp 150 did not delaminate unlike its competitor and it was resistant to overheating.

In addition, the new polymer vanes coped well with the frequent pump cleans that were required when waste material accidentally entered the pump.

Septic Tanks (Pty) Ltd owner Charl Neuhof is also pleased that the Hitemp 150 vanes continue to operate after a year and a half, while the phenolic alternative had to be replaced after six months.

Moreover, he is enthusiastic about the reduced maintenance costs that are associated with the product, which can be cleaned in-situ unlike the previous variety of vanes that had to be removed prior to cleaning because of their high levels of swelling when exposed to water.

Since testing of the B35 vacuum rotary pump vanes has gone well, Neuhoff plans to replace the vanes on its fleet of truck pumps as they fail.

His four trucks are used in the Johannesburg North, Pretoria, Hartebeespoort and Brits areas of South Africa, with three out on the road daily, each carrying six 6000 litre loads of waste material a day.

The five vanes that were employed in the B35 pump measured 35mm by 6mm by 330mm and had chamfered edges, but vanes for the other pump models that will be introducing the Hitemp 150 vanes will have different dimensions.

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Sulzer’s innovative engineering solutions



Sulzer will focus on the future of the oil & gas industry in Brazil and presenting its range of solutions for pumping, separation and mixing technology, and services for rotating equipment at the Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference. Experts in these areas will be on hand at Stand L16 in Pavilion 4 to demonstrate the latest innovations in upstream, midstream and downstream, digital technologies and industry management. During the event, Sulzer will also be celebrating its 70th anniversary of operations in Brazil, where it has been supporting the growth of local businesses.

At the forefront of innovation and a market leader in separation and mixing technology, Sulzer Chemtech will present the latest developments in processing technology for gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation. With its customizable, high-quality, durable and reliable columns, column internals, mist eliminators and separator vessels, there is a comprehensive range of products for the oil and gas sector at this year’s expo.

As a leading independent repair specialist and pump manufacturer, Sulzer’s extensive service offering will be represented by a number of displays including compressor rotor blades that feature specialist air spray coatings, which improve the equipment’s durability and performance. Sulzer will also showcase its capabilities in reverse engineering, testing and design improvements on a compressor impeller, resulting in the delivery of a precision-crafted replacement part with an extended service life. Also, members of the experienced field service teams from Sulzer will be present to discuss the turnkey support offered for the maintenance and repair of rotating equipment.

As digital technologies are set to play a key role in the future of the oil and gas industry, Sulzer has developed the BLUE BOX™ platform for predictive maintenance. This solution applies Industry 4.0 to oil pipelines and their pumps, analyzing data from day-to-day pump operations in near real-time and providing actionable insights to improve the performance and reliability of the system.

The company will also be exhibiting its capabilities in high-voltage coil manufacturing and testing. Complete sets of coils, designed to match or exceed original efficiency levels, are manufactured and tested on the shortest lead times in the industry, minimizing downtime and providing a new lease of life for generators and motors.

Thanks to holographic augmented reality technology, visitors to Sulzer’s stand will also be able to experience cutting-edge subsea pumps for offshore applications first hand.

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Pump impeller delivers improved suction characteristics



The KSB Group has developed a special impeller for its Movitec multistage high-pressure pumps. This new impeller significantly improves these pumps’ suction characteristics (NPSH value).

It proves its worth particularly in applications with critical inlet conditions (e.g. boiler feed applications) as well as applications in which the pump is required to take in water from low-lying tanks or at higher temperatures. Under these conditions, a pressure drop in the intake area may cause cavitation to occur in the first pump stage. This can result in excessive wear of pump parts or motor bearings as well as a reduced service life of the pump due to damaged parts and an unbalanced hydraulic system.

The new impeller is offered as an alternative to the standard product. When developing the new impeller, KSB’s design engineers went to great lengths to ensure it can be used with a number of Movitec variants without necessitating modifications to the outer pump casing.

The new impeller features a modified inlet diameter, vanes allowing a slightly diagonal throughflow and a newly designed stage casing, all of which serve to substantially improve the pump’s NPSH curve.

The multistage centrifugal pumps from the Movitec range are designed for handling fluids such as water, coolants, condensate and mineral oils. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial boiler feed installations in steam circuits, recirculation and fire-fighting systems, cooling water circuits and washing plants to pressure boosting in general process applications.

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